Our premium suede jackets

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After months of preparing we are so excited to finally be able to share our campaign and kick off this journey with you. Our rewards are special deals in limited quantities. Visit our campaign below and get all the additional information, see our styles and be one of the first to receive our Premium Suede Jacket.

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The Grand Frank Team


Marloes Black Suede Jacket

Marloes Beige Suede Jacket

Marloes Cognac Suede Jacket

Marloes Brown Suede Jacket

Marloes Navy Blue Suede Jacket

Marloes Gray Suede Jacket

Limoges Black Suede Jacket

Limoges Burgundy Suede Jacket

Limoges Beige Suede Jacket

Limoges Brown Suede Jacket

Limoges Gray Suede Jacket

Limoges Navy Blue Suede Jacket