Our premium suede jackets

We are getting closer! On Tuesday May 2nd at 14.00 CET, we will be launching our first Kickstarter Campaign. Sign up below to get updated with the latest information, and we will make sure we notify you at release.

Kickstarter enables us to involve you throughout the process. From manufacture to delivery. Through this campaign, we want to make use of your commitment more than ever. By backing our project on Kickstarter you will be given the opportunity to wear our Suede Jackets, before everyone else. Because you choose to engage early, they will be available at a discounted price, from $250. The offers will be limited, so sit tight.

With you, we will be able to offer our Suede Jackets, involve you during the entire process and send our designs to you before the rest of the world has a chance to try them on.

We are looking forward to have you with us throughout this journey.


The Grand Frank Team

We would like you to register here even if you subscribed for our other newsletters. This campaign differs from our other mailings.

Marloes Black Suede Jacket

Marloes Beige Suede Jacket

Marloes Cognac Suede Jacket

Marloes Brown Suede Jacket

Marloes Navy Blue Suede Jacket

Marloes Gray Suede Jacket

Limoges Black Suede Jacket

Limoges Burgundy Suede Jacket

Limoges Beige Suede Jacket

Limoges Brown Suede Jacket

Limoges Gray Suede Jacket

Limoges Navy Blue Suede Jacket