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The darkest month of the year, at least in the northern hemisphere, December is punctuated by the highlights of the seasonal holidays. This month’s 3 outfits under the spotlight reflect the occasion pretty well; dark and mysterious but with pops of colour to lift the mood.

November tends to be a grey month, one which leaves many of us feeling blue. Perhaps that’s why the three outfits we’ve highlighted this month happen to built around a grey and blue colour palette.


Whether we’re talking chunky or slim designs, in cotton, wool, silk or other blends, knitwear plays a vital role in the well-dressed gentleman’s wardrobe. Due to the way the fabric is knitted together, regardless of the material, the result is garments with remarkable properties, such as stretch to ensure comfort, as well as the ability to both trap air to provide warmth and breath when you need to cool down a little.

We all know the importance of making a good first impression. For a job interview it's crucial, and we're used to putting a lot of thought into what we're going to wear for the occasion. Well, we really should be paying even more attention to what we're going to wear on a first date. After all, many of us may have dozens of jobs throughout or working lives, but get things right on the first date, and the resulting relationship could come to define your whole life. So no pressure then, gents.

Gentlemen (and rogues) have being wearing variants on the tie for around 400 years, predominantly as a decorative item, but also to denote association with a particular club, school or military division.


We have a standard uniform comprising of a suit, tie and dress shirt, and we’re expected to be satisfied with this for weekdays at the office and just about any other event which you may be invited to.


There is no question that dress codes have relaxed over the past few decades, especially in the workplace. Whilst this allows us to dress more comfortably at work, and with greater variation, there was some comfort to be taken in knowing we could pick a suit from the wardrobe and only have to worry about matching our shirt and accessories.


A suit is perhaps the most complex item of clothing available in terms of construction techniques, and as a result offers the greatest potential for variation when it comes to quality, style and price. Gentlemen will turn to the suit for many of the most important occasions in their lives, be it weddings, funerals, job interviews or court appearances. A well chosen suit, one that fits well and is of good quality can be a reliable companion for many years, decades even.


The last few years have seen huge growth in the menswear industry, and in many markets spending on menswear has actually overtaken womenswear, although our spending patterns are different from those of the fairer sex.

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