November tends to be a grey month, one which leaves many of us feeling blue. Perhaps that’s why the three outfits we’ve highlighted this month happen to built around a grey and blue colour palette.

Along with black, the two most common and important colours in a man’s wardrobe are grey and blue, especially navy, and with good reason. First of all, they’re handsome, solid, masculine colours which most of us are comfortable with, and secondly they’re extremely versatile. Grey is a neutral colour, and as a result can be paired with pretty much anything. It’s a solid base for your outfit which allows you to incorporate more colourful accents elsewhere. Navy blue is almost as versatile, with black being perhaps the only colour you need to match it to with caution. Navy also has the benefit of pairing perfectly with brown leather, both dark and tan, so suitable shoes, belts and other accessories are easy to come by.

Look 1

This is a classic formal winter look. Our Lecce Grey suit, a perfectly understated business suit, sits over our super cosy cashmere-blend henley. Both the neutrality of the colours and the henley style collar present the perfect canvas and frame for for our playful Dark Orange Floral tie.

Look 2

Similar to look 1 in terms of colour scheme, this is another business appropriate look with a twist. Here we’ve taken a more daring shirt, our Florence cutaway, and kept the tie a solid colour with our Shifting Blue silk blend design. The Light Grey cardigan sits between the tie and our Dark Stone Lecce suit, providing the necessary contrast for the two different shades of blue to sit together.

Look 3

This off duty look is one of our most popular combinations for weekend wear. It gives you an edgy monochrome colour palette, but avoids being boring due to the almost black-and-white floral print of our Auckland shirt. The button down collar ensures the shirt works well without a tie, and stays upright under the collar of our Grey Shawl cardigan. Nothing says off-duty like a sporty chronograph watch, and the stealthy nature of our Kingston Matte Black completes the dark ensemble.