Spring is here!

With temperatures warming up, colours everywhere and the grey skies of winter becoming a dim memory, it's tempting to take it easy. But at Grand Frank spring's arrival isn't a time to relax.

We know that spring is a time for guys to overhaul their clothing collections. It's a chance to re-evaluate the old styles from last year and to check out the new collections from their favourite labels. So we need to be at the forefront, offering the kind of new season outfits our customers demand.

Every spring, we try to offer designs for professional men that perfectly suit the season of flowers, new growth and the return of the sun. It's a time to be positive, whether you are at work or relaxing - and our spring collection reflects that.

Take a look at this year's spring designs from Grand Frank. First up, we've come up with a smart-casual look that covers those spring days when the weather is uncertain. When it starts off grey but the forecast predicts dazzling sunshine, this tight-fitting grey long sleeve polo will be the ideal top to wear.

Casual #1

Underneath, we've selected a light blue Wedgewood shirt, complemented by a floral-patterned Admiral tie - adding a seasonal touch to a classic business look. When coupled with navy trousers and the right shade of belt, it will be just what you need for spring conferences and days at the office.

Casual  #2

On the other hand, we've created this casual, relaxed Auckland cutaway shirt, shirt that will suit workplaces where it's fine to dress down, but you need to dress down properly. 

Casual #3

Finally - a devastatingly sleek blend of dark colours composes this professional outfit. The Seoul cutaway shirt is the centrepiece and looks great with a dark blue tie and a well chosen silver Kinsale chronograph watch.

However, spring isn't just a time for laid-back smart-casual outfits. It's also a chance for businesses to slip their annual sales strategies into gear with presentations and meetings - the kind of occasions where a dressed look could be essential.

Dressed  #1

Our first formalwear idea involves a light blue denim button-down shirt, with a navy blue blazer and a light coloured pocket square. A gold Kinsale chronograph watch completes a stylish, efficient look that still manages to remain comfortably relaxed.

Dressed #2

If you are trying to balance formality and fun, our second dressed look is hard to ignore. Here, you can see one of our most vibrant Toulouse button-down shirt designs, which harmonises superbly with a navy blue blazer and a rose pin.

Dressed #3

Finally, we've come up with our most formal spring look, a combination that will be ideal for weddings and work events alike. A smart grey suit jacket overlays a cream waistcoat and light blue shirt. But the star of the show is a Grand Frank dark orange floral tie, which turns a standard smart look into an exceptional summer ensemble.

Whether you want some work outfits with spring appeal, or options for big presentations or springtime weddings, Grand Frank has it covered.