Our story

In 2014 our founder Erik Bergstrom was working in a corporate automotive environment. Wearing formal clothes to work every day, he struggled to find clothing and accessories which reflected his personality, indeed any personality. Whilst realising most menswear looked the same he wondered why there was such a lack of variety.

Turns out a bunch of other guys at the office felt the same, and that was what sparked the idea for Grand Frank. Since then our company has been built around creating staple pieces in a man’s wardrobe with richer stories and greater character. Our simply philosophy is that if you love what you’re wearing, chances are that you’ll feel great, and that's our mission.

Welcome to Grand Frank


Our promise

It's important for us that no matter where in the world you live, getting the products you want should be smooth and hassle free. That's why we offer free shipping worldwide through DHL, FedEx and the Swedish post. If you have any questions regarding our products, your order or anything in between, please give us a call (+468-247 342 211) or send us an email (hello@grandfrank.com).

Thank you