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Who Is Grand Frank?

Grand Frank isn’t just one guy, which is easy to assume. We're a team of rebellious designers, buyers, and creatives who share a vision. We believe in individuality, and aim to encourage creativity.

“We do not make fashion, I can't relate to that concept. I believe that what we choose to wear is highly individual and should not be dictated by any million dollar fashion company. Essentially, what we have been told about clothing deserves to be challenged” - Erik Bergström, Founder and Creative Director.

We exist as an alternative for those who share our beliefs, and strive to fulfil our cause by creating unique, innovative and high-quality products that we love and want to wear ourselves. All of our products are designed in our studio in Stockholm with materials from all over the world, from Italy to Japan.  


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30 November 2016

We love nothing more than when a customer gets in touch to tell us how many compliments they received wearing their new Grand Frank shirt, or when you guys tag us on Instagram to show us your outfit. We’ve decided to take things a step further and launch a series of interviews with some of you guys, throwing the spotlight on you, where you're from and your thoughts on menswear.

17 August 2016

When we wear suits, we’re often treading a fine line between conforming to a particular dress code and being able to express ourselves.

09 August 2016

Some of our favourite looks to inspire us this month and getting us a little bit more ready for the upcoming season.

02 July 2016

Two days, two stylists, two models, one photographer, one assistant photographer, 1500 photos and untold outfit changes later...

02 June 2016

How do we source the materials to create Grand Frank’s designs? Our buyer has the answers.

26 May 2016

Find out how Grand Frank started and why, from the founder himself, Erik Bergstrom, and discover why he's posing by a window.

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