We love nothing more than when a customer gets in touch to tell us how many compliments they received wearing their new Grand Frank shirt, or when you guys tag us on Instagram to show us your outfit. We’ve decided to take things a step further and launch a series of interviews with some of you guys, throwing the spotlight on you, where you're from and your thoughts on menswear.

Today we’re kicking off with Kris Williams, better known as PHZ-Sicks (pronounced physics). His stage name comes from his hip hop background, the spelling drawing upon the creative ways graffiti writers/taggers would present their name. Kris has put out three projects under the name, with the last being, The Moment. It’s received good reviews and still being discovered today through iTunes, Soundcloud, YouTube, and Spotify.

Kris tells us ‘Music is my love and if I can spread that love along with that message to the rest of the world, then I’m staying whole and honestly being me.’ Let’s hear what else he has to say, over to you, Kris.

I’m from the DMV area which consists of Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC. Being tied to two states and of course, the nation’s capital; there is always something to do. This is one the best places to come for New Year as well as July 4th since the city is live and the fireworks are amazing to see on the National Mall. You also have the Cherry Blossom Festival every Spring which ties in the DC and its Asian culture.

Music wise, since I live in that lane, every April, you have Broccoli Fest and in August, you have Trillectro, which both put a spotlight on some of the most innovate and dope black music out at the time. Local wise, The Funk Parade on H St brings locals bands all together to, in the words of George Clinton, be one nation under a groove of funk music. Also, the atmosphere of the people coming to these events makes it feel like home and is nothing less than beautiful.

I love performing and since people pay to come see me, I feel like I would be doing them a disservice if I just stood there and rapped to them. I’m in the entertainment business so I’m there to entertain. Due to this, I need to wear clothes that are functional for the all the jumping and running that I do. The clothing also has to be something I’m willing to wear offstage as well so it fits perfectly whether I have a huge show and rock a suit, or rock something in the vein of streetwear, as long as it fits me, it’s perfect.

When I go away I aim for places which are not too cold, not too hot, have great people, and great drinks and food. This is why Chicago and New Orleans are some of my favorite places to visit because if you visit at the right time, the weather part will be there and everything else takes care of itself.

Maintaining my style whilst travelling is the easiest thing for me to do. I think out what I’m going to wear weeks ahead so by the time it comes to packing, I already know what’s going in my bag. I’m also equipped with a GeniusPack Travel Bagpack which includes a tri-fold suiter for garments which keeps my clothes wrinkle-free when I want to take short trips or bring a suit with me. Outside of music and looking fly, I’m a huge film buff. I’m currently getting ready to head to Austin, TX to attend the genre film festival, Fantastic Fest, which is going to be a helluva time.

I discovered Grand Frank through Instagram on the @Menwithclass page. I googled the site, loved the floral and vibrant garments that were at a great price. Now, Grand Frank is one of my go to sites when I decide to build a look for a suit. My favorite will probably the navy blue floral tie. Floral is such an underused pattern in menswear and it just has natural pop to it anytime you wear it.

For great streetwear, @a_k_c is a great person to follow. @MajorDc is my go-to place to look for something different in DC so I always need to keep up with what they have. Also, aforementioned @Menwithclass is the best go to when it comes to menswear.

Outside of random articles of clothing that catches my eye, my inspiration is me. What feeling does the shirt give me? Like most things, fashion is art and it should be able to move you to not only purchase it, but to evoke an emotion. If something catches my eye and leads me to thoughts of being on stage or traveling down the streets of Paris wearing it, then that’s something that needs to be in my closet as soon as possible.