Summer is just around the corner, and at Grand Frank we are getting ready to release our collection of shirts for the coming season. As usual, before the big unveiling, we needed a photo shoot to show them off at their best. 

But there was just one problem. In March, the Swedish weather can be pretty grey, and we didn’t like the idea of contrasting our dynamic shirts with cloudy dark skies. Plus, we like our models to feel comfortable, and March shoots in Sweden would have left them shivering.

So we had a great idea. Why not fly down to Barcelona, where the sun would be shining and the weather would be warming up? The Catalan capital is also full of beautiful backdrops, so we knew there wouldn’t be a problem framing our designs to create memorable images.

This was our schedule for the weekend: Rising at 6 am, we worked solidly to capture the morning sunlight. After a siesta, we got to work again, using the sunset to take some stunning images.

Look #1

In the first shot, you can see Erik and our model Chand. The hotel pool where we were staying offered an irresistible setting, so we set up there for a while, and the results were stunning. The cloudless sky, the sophisticated city and the warmth of spring loosened us up, and everyone started to relax. It really helped us to get a summer feel for the shots we needed. 

Look #2

Here's a shot we took on location in the centre of town which features Chand effortlessly modelling a smart-casual combination. The grey polo and navy jacket look the part on this Barcelona backstreet, while the indigo floral pocket square fits the look of a confident guy in a cosmopolitan urban neighbourhood.

Look #3

In this photo, we've moved to one of the city's elegant squares, where Chand is modelling an ivory shawl collar cardigan with a Wedgewood blue cutaway shirt and a blue silk tie. 

You can tell by the lengthening shadows that the sun was starting to set. Even Barcelona can be chilly in March as night falls, but with its warm collar this was the perfect outfit for the moment. We know it’s going to be fantastic for Swedish summer evenings too.

When you launch a collection, you never know how it’s going to look in the real world. This springtime shoot in Barcelona proved that Grand Frank’s spring collection is everything we hoped for, and we’re confident our fans will love it.