Suede care guide
Some things never go out of style and all the well-groomed men appreciate that special, velvety soft to touch kind of fabric – suede leather, perfectly fit for the season changing or any other breezy period of the year. But, whoever owns that stylish, yet delicate piece of clothing, already knows that it requires some extra care and maintenance.

We at Grand Frank believe in quality and that is what we offer to our customers, yet even the best quality fabrics are prone to damage. Our customers who are unfamiliar with the protection methods for their newly purchased suede jacket might want to learn how to clean and store it without having to give up on the preferred look in case of damage.

To understand the nature of suede, the inverted leather, we have to know that its buffed smooth texture doesn’t last long when neglected. Therefore, if you want to keep it in shape and stain-free, it is warmly recommended to follow our care guide.


It is of high importance to keep your suede jacket in a cool and dry place, due to the jacket being resistant to humidity and moisture. With that being said, it is not recommended to wear suede on a rainy day.

Provide its shape longevity by storing it on a suitable wooden hanger and do not cover it with any artificial materials such as plastic, use the cotton cloth cover instead, as it needs some air.

Nevertheless, make sure that your suede garment is away from any sort of heat, for it may cause material expansion.

You might also want to air your suede jacket for a couple of hours before storing


When it comes to cleaning suede leather garments, it is best to seek professional help to avoid ruining your favorite outwear. In any case, do not wash it!

However, you can do a few things yourself to prevent odor or stain from setting.

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Just like we take care of anything we wear daily, we want our jackets to look flawless too. What you may need for a regular after-wear/pre-wear suede treatment is a suede brush, suede stain eraser, a suede protector spray

Brush the suede in the grain direction now and then to keep the fabric soft. Use the stain eraser for minor spots, but first air-dry the spillage to get the stain lift on the surface so it can be rubbed easily and efficiently. The suede-protecting spray can help in wet environments, in case of rain and snow. Spray it evenly before wearing the jacket, then leave it a few minutes to set. This treatment may be repeated every month.


Dealing with stubborn or more serious stains can be quite stressful, though.

The most common stains come from food, mud, chemicals, ink, grease, wax, blood, etc. . Fortunately, there are solutions to get rid of some of them on your own, but be mindful that you must not act right away so as not to worsen the damage. Dry cleaning services are always the preferable option. Especially when it comes to chemical stains.

The scariest of all – is the oil stains, however, the stains can be treated with a paper towel and talc powder.

All you need to do is press the towel to absorb the excess oil or grease, then put some talc powder on the stained area and leave it overnight. Finally, use the suede brush to clean the powder afterward.

With time, your jacket’s collar gets dirty from sweat, the same happens with the armpit area – no worries, just use the talc powder method again and brush the treated area regularly.

The same process removes the odor, as well.


As we already mentioned, you may enjoy wearing your Grand Frank suede jacket any time you feel like it as long as it is safe – meaning that you should avoid wearing it if the weather forecast predicts rain, snow, or high humidity. If you, regardless, decide to wear it anyway, make sure you spray it with a suede protector.

Also, it is good to know that suede behaves just like our skin in higher temperatures, it sweats and it may cause color stains on other clothes.

To be concluded, give your suede jacket all the care needed, it will pay off in years to come and you’ll feel its power whenever you reach for that old-school, classic, Italian look.

Thank you for buying our product. We are grateful for your trust.

Sincerely, Grand Frank

Gabriella Iacovou