knitwear grandfrank
Whether we’re talking chunky or slim designs, in cotton, wool, silk or other blends, knitwear plays a vital role in the well-dressed gentleman’s wardrobe. Due to the way the fabric is knitted together, regardless of the material, the result is garments with remarkable properties, such as stretch to ensure comfort, as well as the ability to both trap air to provide warmth and breath when you need to cool down a little. 

Aside from the hard working nature of the construction, knitwear is also undeniably stylish, luxurious and versatile. We utilise cotton, cashmere and merino wool to create pieces for layering under tailoring, or to stand alone offering a luxurious alternative to t-shirts and sweatshirts for more casual outfits. 

The Cardigan

Admit it, you’ve been there, you’ve been too hot in a meeting, wishing to remove your sweater, but fearful of the effects it’ll have on your perfectly arranged side parting. Maybe it’s just us, but the cardigan is the perfect layering piece for such scenarios, allowing you to unbutton and elegantly remove it when necessary.  Slim knit versions sit well under blazers, creating a similar look to a waistcoat (especially when you leave the bottom button open, as you should). 

At the other end of the spectrum our chunky shawl collar versions allow you to fend off strong autumnal winds and look great under utilitarian outerwear such as parkas. 

Sweater - Crew neck and Henley

The crew neck sweater is an absolute classic, and really needs no further commentary. Our cotton and cashmere versions offer a touch of luxury whilst remaining easy care for. 

Similar in construction to our crew neck sweaters, the Henley sweater is the smart choice when laying up with tailoring. The open collar perfectly frames a shirt and tie without causing added bulk from sitting over the knot.

The Long Sleeve Polo

Polo shirts come in so many various styles and designs that it’s hard to categorise them under the same umbrella. Essentially they are just a t-shirt with a shirt style collar, a design conceived by the infamous French tennis star of the 1920s, René Lacoste. Our slim fitting, long sleeve designs are made from 100% merino wool, a luxurious yet technical fabric. We tend to wear these either alone, or under a blazer with slim fitting trousers. Compared to our  crew neck and henley sweatshirts, the polo shirts run a little larger to allow you to tuck them in should you wish. IF you wear a medium in our sweatshirts, then you may prefer a small in the polo. 

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